Friday, January 11, 2013

I officially declare a mental health day

Been at the danged flea almost every day this week. True, Saturday is one of our big sales days... but I don't really think my nerves can take it. But... here's some of the things at the market now that are easy cool...

These are sets of salt& pepper shakers. They're not mine... and I'm not a collector of such things... but let's face it, these are just too cool.

This is a vintage TV lamp. Lights up from behind.

This library table dates Rio about the 20's. Really, it's more of a desk, but the wide shelf under it is meant to store books, so it's called a library table. Very nice piece.

These are old metal file boxes... nothing too great, just way cool. They'd look great placed on the floor supporting a glass tabletop and calling themselves a coffee table.

And that's it for today...

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  1. My sister would love that vintage TV lamp...she is a horse lover!