Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well... I guess its come to this...

Which is a rather dire sounding statement, isn't it?  But, I can explain.
While waiting for a computer to become available at the library, I ran across a book called " Put Cash in Your Pocket Now" by Loral Langemeier. 

Her basic assertion in the book is that when times get rough, our first instinct is to tighten our belts and start cutting on our budgets.  Which is true.  This puts us in a mindset of "I can't afford it, there's not enough money..." etc... etc... etc...  this leads to stress, and not buying that uber cool jacket, our the Starbucks latte, or whatever is seriously cutting into our enjoyment of life, which also creates stress.

Then she pointed out when you were a kid and you wanted something.  What did you do?  You opened a lemonade stand.  Or you mowed lawns.  Or you did extra chores, to get the money.  This is a much beter mindset.

She then points out that every person on the face off the earth has a whole est of basic skills which are marketable.  If a man has a power washer in his garage that he uses twice a year to wash off his  driveway... there are plenty of people who will gladly pay him to do there houses and driveways on the weekends.  A widow who used to help out at her husbands office occasionally can become an assistant helping small business owners who dont have the means for full time help, over the internet, 2 hours a week.  You can walk dogs.  You can sit with senior citizens while they're primary care givers take a much needed break.

The list is endless, and most can easily turn into 250 to 1000 bucks a month.  The purpose of all this is to turn your focus from "I don't have enough," to " how can I get more?"  And mindset matters.

She then begins helping you figure out what your marketable talents are.  Now, I already know them.

About 15 years ago, I was one of the highest paid tarot card readers in Dallas working the party circuit.  I gave it up for a few  reasons. My parents failing health meant that I couldn't just take off for overnight drives, and the occasional plane flight at a moment's notice.  Plus, my mother was of a generation that thought these jobs were fine,  to be independent and all... but would then point out that McDonald's was hiring.  My parents generation craved the security that a steady, albeit soul killing, job gives.  no matter how dead end it was.  So, for scheduling and peace, I started  working 'real jobs'

So, after filing out over 50 applications with no real progress, I'm going to start working gigs again.  I also know someone who throws those fake Vegas parties for companies, and needs blackjack dealers.  I'm a tarot card reader... I can deal cards in my sleep.

The amazing thing is... I didn't think of it before.  currently drafting the Craig's list ad.  wish me luck.

a nd my favorite quote from the book... Christopher Columbus did not discover America so that we could spend 35 years doing a dead end job to put money in a 401K that might not be there when we need it.


  1. I wish you both a sarcastic and a sincere "good luck," at the same time. I've found Craigslisters to be extremely flaky, and way more trouble than they're worth (hence the sarcastic), though obviously I like you and hope things work out for you (therefore sincere).

    I also have thoughts about the Columbus quote, but I will keep those to myself.

  2. Mr S... I share your concerns about Craig's list. Its chock full of nuts. But... we go with what we' ve got here. Im pretty sure what you mean about the Columbus quote too. I just try tho go with tje spirit rather than the details.

  3. Claude,
    Sounds like a fun and exciting venture to me! And as I recall you have a little theater/ movie experience in your back ground as well. I can see where you could knock down a pretty good chunk of money running the party event circuit. Would love / can’t wait to hear the tales from the card table. – gary

  4. Best of luck to you, Claude! I think that's interesting, setting up Vegas parties for companies. Two of my plant clients (General Mills and Channel 4) are having casino-themed holiday parties this year. You'd be in high demand in Abq!

    I have a friend who owns a pet-sitting business. I've been working with her all summer walking dogs, and I LOVE it. It's like getting paid to exercise. I made almost $700 in November feeding cats (mostly over the holiday) and walking dogs. You should try it - there are so many people who need help with their pets!