Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So... heres the plan...

I have been unemployed for entirely too long.  Its annoying and, quite frankly, bloody depressing.  the worst part of it is how at odds you feel.  You dont have a reason to do anything.  I have been looking of course.

No internet at the house so I use a friends or go to the library.  But the game so far hasn't paid off

Tje prob is at the library, you can only use their computer for an hour at a time.  And sometimes when you show up they're all booked for the next 2 hours.  (I have caught up on all my reading though.) 

In the process of that reading, I've researched lots of things.

To my credit:  1)  I have a business license.  Cactus Cowboy can be used for any business I want.
2.)  I'm a creative thinker.
3)  a if I can sell used stuff in a flea market, I can probably sell about anything.

Also in my research... I've learned a few tips.  Firrst... if you don't have a job, one of the worst things you can do is sit about around whining about oht.  Give yourself a job.  Going out, researching jobs, making connections, submitting applications... all these things are work.

So, starting tomorrow, I don't roll out of bed at any old time.  I set the alarm clock.  I get dressed as if for an interview, I go to the office ( my new word for the library) and I get some work done.  When I'm not on the computer, I will research other small business plans or options for my business license.

As for the depression... I've dealt with that issue all my life on some level and I'll be pulling out the stops.  Actually, my above plan will help tremendously.  Simply having something to do and aim for helps.  Not going into all the tricks to deal with ir at the moment, mobile blogging on an android screen is to confining to explain properly, but Im confident I'm heading in some sort of direction. 
It all reminds me of something I read recently.  someone was going through a hard timbre and they were all in a tizzy. 

" How will I make it through this?" they asked in desperation.

And sometime answered, " left foot, right foot, left foot, breath..."

And there we are...


  1. Claude,

    Having been following your blog for sometime now I have garnered one thing. A man that can propagate and grow cacti has the patience and stalwartness to take this down time to cultivate an new life. It sound like you have pretty much got foundation renewed vigor mapped out and will be hitting the ground firmly and positively. Send positive energy your way, call it prayer, well wishing, that these days will soon see blogging about good fortune. Take care. – gary

    p.s. – Have been away from the blogging sphere myself for sometime and just know getting caught up on my readings and all I can say is that the idea of Ramen noodles for Thanksgiving is the best idea, just wish I had read it a little sooner :)

  2. left foot, right foot, left foot, breath..."
    And there we are...

    Love it...I'm hoping you find something soon and will include you in my prayers.