Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well... I guess I should just say it, huh?

I am now one of the many Americans who have been foreclosed on.  Oh well.  I inherited this house after my mom passed away and the whole deal, quite frankly, reaked.  I didnt really want it.  I'm three kind of guy who'd be perfectly happy in a trailer in the woods.  The whole responsibility of property ownership isn't for me.  Tried to remortgage, and they wouldn't let me.  Now the mortgage is about double whats the house is worth, and it needs close to 5 figures in repairs.  They want it?  Have at it. 
So, two weeks before Christmas, some female walks into the back yard, and announces t they'll be coming to squeeze tje property next week.  Which I was kinda expecting.  But after announcing that I es to vacate one week before Christmas, she then said "happy holidays"  which caught me off guard, and struck more as ludicrously rude.  Which is probably why I offered to perform an illegal mastectomy.  But not so politely termed.
Anyway, a. few phone calls to friends in the paralegal and real estate fields yielded this.  She didn't have a constable, she didn't have eviction papers, so I dont have to go nowhere.  Actually, I could have called a cop and filed Tresspassing charge.  She was basically trying to get me out without tje expense off filing.  Not gonna happen.
But, I know it's coming so the house is being gutted.  Furniture, antiques, appliances all at the flea market... and my sales have never been better.  Hell id pull out the air vents of i could get a buck out of them...
When it actually happens, I'll have tbree days to remove personal clothes and such to a friends where I'll be staying. Meanwhile. no Tresspassing signs are up, gays are locked, they never did come to seize anything, and I probably got a month before thw eviction papers go through... dint worry about me. Im good.


  1. :^(

    (You should unlock your gays, though. They're not going to be able to find new places to live if they're locked up on your property.)

    Is it too late to do anything else? I mean, I don't know what the anything else would be, but it seems like there must be some way to delay or stop this (government programs to force refinancing? Legal something something to postpone?), even if you *don't* still want the house.

    Not that you haven't probably considered this already, I suppose. Just sucks, is all.

  2. Gates, not gays. although i must day..., never underestimate the gays? they're a v very quick on their get. feet. I also want to mention... this android phone doesn't seem to want to let me comment on other people's blogs. knocks me right off the net when I try... hmm

  3. Claude,
    I personally do not see how people like the “female” you have just mentioned live with themselves. How do they look in the mirror with out retching? She would seem just to be plain common.

    I don’t really understand this whole foreclosure / eviction thing. I guess the banks make more from a write off / loss then from the interest the loan is drawing.

    Other than the obvious I sincerely hope you are doing ok. – gary

  4. Gary... it is what it is. btw.. im specifically having probe with your blog right now. can only see it half the time, and cant comment on it at all. i dont seem to bree having the issue with other blogs... anybody else having issues out is it just me?

    1. Claude,
      I am having problems with it myself. I have lost half of my archived posts, so I just deleted off the rest. It had gotten to where I could not post pictures and that web album thing said I could buy more storage, well duh !!! I did not even know I had web storage, little put out with that one, I don’t need on line storage and blogger has never mentioned that pictures go to such storage. OH well I deleted those too. I have spent a good part of today trying to fix problems, let me know if you still have problems, will check back here if I don’t see anything pop up on my blog.

      Hope the New Year sees a wonderful turn of events for you and all great things come your way. – gary

  5. Just promise me you won't stop blogging, matter what, I care and pray the best for you!!! I will always want to "hear your voice" online! Hang tight...I know that phrase "When God closes a door, He opens a window" seems lame, but I have found it to mostly be true over the years!!! Trust your higher power and I know things will work themselves out. By the way, I know a family that stayed in their home for three years without making a payment! You could try that and keep searching for other options for when the time comes you have to REALLY go...
    I am praying for you, Claude!

  6. Julie...Don't worry, I've got many trusty android so I'll be blogging away! And yeah, me and three higher power which I call God for the lack od a beter word are just fine.