Friday, December 07, 2012

Another week gone...

And nothing really to show for it.  Oh well...  was looking throgh my DVDs... nothing I really wanna watch... what I'm in tje moss for is classic Hitchcock.  Something like Rebecca... where Mrs Danvers set the standard for predatory lesbians in movies for years.  Oor maybe something cheesy... Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, where Bette Davis goes stridently insane.

Something creepy but not exactly Horror is what I'm thinking. I'll figure it out eventually.

They dont make movies like that anymore.  Take The Haunting of Hill House.  Cam you imagine Hollywood putting out a movie like that nowadays?  A ghost story where you never see the ghost?  Couldn't happen.  But it was one of the most successful ghost movies ever, primarily because you imagined the worst.


  1. Were you drunk when you posted??? LOLOL.

  2. Claude,

    I am in total agreement with you; vintage psychodramas were much more disquieting horror movies and especially today’s slash and bleeds. The moments repulsion of viewing blood spattered dismembered body parts is nowhere comparable to the creepy feeling that shadows you for hours if not days after watching a well scripted psychodrama. And yes Hitchcock was the master, well in my humble opinion. Hope you find one that gives you a good case of the “Willies”. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and may be as you continue your job search you could script your own screenplay. I know you have the talent for writing and if you were to channel your search / frustrations into a drama you could call it the “Applicant”. Just a little food for though. – gary

  3. Like Jaws - it was so damn good because you never saw the shark until half way through. would never happen now. (well, though a large production company anyhow)