Monday, December 31, 2012

Just an update

So... a wonderful experience was had by all... got home from church with a notice on the door.  I think its finally the eviction notice.    Nope... the charming ( cough) lady ( cough, cough) who kinda illegally tried to get more out off tje house the week before Christmas has posted an vacancy post on tthedoor, which means she's declared it abandoned property.  Of course it's not.  So I spend tje day trying to get her to answer my call s.  No go.  Finally, I call the bank thats evidently the new owner.  They evidently have no record of this property or me or authorising any such action.  The title hasn't transferred yet, do they dont have the right to do this yet.  Now I cant afford a lawyer.  They bill by rhe hour for 5 minutes.  So I call 211, which in Texas is a state aid line, they connect me with a lawyer in human services and she finds all this VERY interesting.  She tells me to call info, get the # for the real estate co. Call and get a fax # & notify them tje house isn't vacant.

Get the #, call it, its disconnected.  Do internet search.  Same thing.  Charming  agent finally reforms call... and we both are excruciatingly polite in a totally fake way that southerners have patented, cause she knows she's on thin ice and Im waiting to hear more from lawyer before I commit too anything. 

Al that being said... I believe with all my heart that everything will work out for the best, and that next year will bring wondrous things.  I have every intention to have (x) amount of dollars sitting in a bank account by next December, and I can be very determined.

Wishing us all prosperity in the next year.  More virtual e- hugs Aall round...


  1. Praying for your situation to improve, Claude. No, that's not enough. Praying for it to exceed your hopes and expectations.

  2. Claude,
    Ahh, yes, only in the south can you tell someone to do un-natural things and it come across as a compliment, love it :-)
    I got your test comment, looks like the problem is fixed, till blogger has another burp, lol. - gary