Sunday, August 16, 2009

Queen of the Night blooming!

My Cereus hildmannianus (aka known as Queen of the Night, but so are a couple of dozen other cactus, so I tend to just call the thing Hildy) bloomed last night...

This is the bud at sunset...

Then next two are at about 11:30 PM -

and we had a little cloud cover this morning, so the bloom was still open at 7:30 this morning...

Those white flowers in the background of the last pic are Pavonia hastata... "rock rose" which are going a little haywire this year.

I didn't get many blooms from this plant last year... if you click on the label below this post, you'll see the whole story, but the wind blew the plant over and broke the top off... I'm still not getting enough blooms. It needs repotted. Badly. I should probably wait until next spring to do it, but last year I waited till this spring to do it and of course I didn't so I'll probably do it in the next few weeks, as soon as I find a pot big enough.
This is the resprouted stump from the falling cactus fiasco. The tip I rooted, and people kept telling me that they might be winter hardy here... so I left it in the ground to find out. But the first hard frost turned it black. No big loss... the plants are too big to have several to move in and out every winter, one is more than enough.


  1. Hildy produced a beautiful flower!!I can't wait for the rock rose come fall!

  2. That's stunning!

  3. Gorgeous! I think the night bloomers have the most stunning blooms!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! It must be fun to watch it blooms..