Saturday, August 15, 2009

how I spent my morning...

I finally got fed up with my neighbors non-mowing situation, and had to take matters into my own hands... Weed grasses were encroaching into my relatively new rock garden. Not acceptable...

And what's that hiding in the grass?
It's one of those viscious killer predators that terrorise the surbaban jungles!

And here's how it finally turned out.

No, it's not the best job, and it is a little chewed up, and it's not how grass should be treated, but it ain't mine and I don't care...
about 15 minutes after I'd finished, who should show up but the new owner next door... he asked what was up and I told him I'd just mowed part of his lawn... And he apologised profusely.
He hasn't moved in yet, because there's some work that needs done on the house before they do... and he'd hired somebody to mow once a week... evidently the idgit has taken care of the front yard but not the back alley... he then asked if he could borrow the weedeater before the other neighbors went haywire.
Hey, it's cool. I don't particularly like yard work, but I don't HATE it. And at least you can look at it and know you've achieved something... of course, Phennig (the cat) is infuriated at me now. It seems he thinks I won't let him have any fun.


  1. He may turn out to be a Good neighbor after all! The rock garden looks nice!

  2. Please come be MY neighbor Claude! You've no idea the weeds I need help with. :) There are a couple cool homes for sale right down the street...
    I loved this post- and the hiding kitty was great!

  3. Claude,
    You seem very knowledgable about succulents. I am a newcomer to TX and would love to start my own little garden on my back patio. There is a great box the prior owner built in. It is about 2 feet x 2 feet. Any pointers on how to get started? I am a norther girl and don't know the least about these plants. Thanks for the great blog... I love the rants about the neighbors.

  4. I am glad the neighbor turned out to be a nice guy! I hope he returns your weedeater though! LOL! Your area looks real good now! Phennig is such a little cutie!!!

  5. northerngirl... I'd be glad to answer any questions you have... but there are certainly people who know more than me... Off hand, the planting box sounds good... but a layer of gravel in the bottom, some well draining soil, and a layer of gravel top (to keep the rain from washing out the soil) and plant. Don't know all the conditions, so I can't recomend anything yet...

    Or you could just fill the whole thing with rock and gravel and plunge the plants, pot and all into that... It looks like they're planted, but you can pull the pots out to a protected space come winter.