Sunday, August 23, 2009

night blooming cactus - again...

Haven't had a huge amount to blog about lately. Guess the doldrums are just pressing in... But Hildy, (cereus hildemannianus) finally came through... now, as to the actual species name of this cactus, there has been a bit of a discusion about that over on Mr. Subjunctives blog which is very informative. Actually, it's a great blog in general, I highly recomend it...

I've always called this Cereus hildemannianus, and I probably always will, so there we are... Click on my label at the bottom of this post, and you can see previous blooms and posts about him.


  1. Hi Claude, I was so fortunate to see this night blooming cactus in my mom's garden in Calif. last year. What an amazing bloom!! Makes you not want to go to sleep so you can enjoy it...lucky you!

  2. Love it! Hildy has been good to you! Ditto the doldrums!

  3. I love Hildy! want to trade a piece for a piece of my night bloomer? Do you think they would live through the mail? Have a great Monday Claude!

  4. Oh, how beautiful, Claude!!! I just adore cactus blooms...they are so soft looking!!!

  5. What a beauty! Does the flower lasts long after bloomed?

  6. Cereus(ly) beautiful, Claude. That plant is just perfect for a romantic summer evening. By the way, I do believe your ship will come in from out of the doldrums.

  7. Ooooh...pretty.

    This will perk you up I bet --
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    It was a GREAT experience! You should do it!

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    Echeandia Texensis
    Echinocactus Texensis
    Echinocereus Setispinus
    Echinocereus Triglochidiatus
    Ferocactus Hematacanthus

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  8. Interesting night bloomer - I wonder if its bat pollinated ....

  9. Very nice! I have a Hildy that is getting ready to bloom for the first time in its life. It is a transplant from a pot I had at my old house--it's probably 10 years old now. It will be interesting to see if the flowers look like this. Hope so!