Thursday, September 04, 2008

well, the rain never came yesterday, most of it seemed to go east of us. All we got out of Gustav is a whole bunch of wind, and the temperature dropping to below 80... I'm not complaining. Anything that drops the temps is fine with me.

Got the truck inspected and oil & filters changed, and of course the mechanic came up with a whole list of things that need done - don't they always? - so I'll have to talk to my regular mechanic and see what really needs done versus what this guy said needed done to get extra money. The only reason I went to this new guy is that my regular guy doesn't do inspections and was far too busy.

Also got all my flower pots together. I've been getting a collection of large flower pots, planters and yard art for the flea market next spring. There's no one else in the market dealing in that sort of thing, so I thought I'd take some in. Of course, that means that 1) I have to store the darned things until I can sell them, and 2) Not USE them... I have a big weekness for flowerpots and planters. I hate to see them empty...

Anyway, another big day today... gonna be up to my waist in more stuff to do... later

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  1. Glad you had only wind and cooler temps! Nice change, eh??? We are just starting up a little rain from hurricane Hannah tonight. Maybe 10 mile/hr winds here. Probably gone by tomorrow. Starting to feel the anxiety a little in regard to next hurricane, Ike...telling us already to get prepared and buy gas, batteries, etc already. I want out of here!!!