Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stapeliad finally blooming...

well, the darned thing finally bloomed, and I have to say it's about darned time.

And just for the record, it does smell like a pound of hamburger that's been left out in the sun, but only if you get close to it. Now, the thing is in a hanging basket, so I had to shoot the pic from underneath, but here it is...

It is attracting flies, and there was also one of those little fuzzy jumping spiders that look like miniature tarantulas there, I'm assuming that the spider was going after the fly... as you can see, there are quite a few more buds forming. It'll be interesting to see how many blooms I get, before I lose patience with the smell and just start pulling buds off... Right now, I think I should celebrate the bloom with a nice dinner, but after smelling the thing I think I'll opt for vegetarian tonight...


  1. are so funny!!! I had a first bloom yesterday (Sat) on my plant, but it only lasted the day...I have several more to go and will try and get a pic. Maybe we should fertilize again right quick to keep them going?????

  2. There are at least 20 buds on the plant as is... I don't think I want any more. Seriously, the thing is going to have to come in for the winter. Outside the smell dissipates, but in a house closed up for the winter, No Way, Unh-Unh, not gonna happen, thankyouverymuch. Are you able to let it stay outside all winter in Florida?

  3. I don't blame you. They do have such a nasty smell for being such exotic flowers. Mine has not even shown signs of blooming. They are sneaky though--I have to really examine them to know there's a bud.

  4. stays outside year round here. Thank God...I never would have thought of having to bring one of these inside...they just get so massive!!!