Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, Ike spare us...

Well, Ike spared us... most of the storm passed, or is currently passing just east of Dallas. I live west of Dallas, so we got about an inch of rain and it's been really icky outside, but we did OK. They say that most of Houston has no power... Yikes...

Don't have any pics today. The Stapeliad bud is getting huge... and there are definitely a dozen buds on the thing. Had some furniture that needed to go to the flea market stall... but with the weather that wasn't going to happen. So I took in some vintage jewelry to put in the showcase, and then put everything that wasn't in the showcase on 50% clearance... I want all that stuff gone... there's a big storage room that's full of stuff that needs to be sold.

Not much else to report.



  1. Happy to here you were spared -My sil is in Dallas w rescue. Said it is pretty bad. Does the 50% clearance get rid of most?

  2. WOW...a big storage room full of stuff...hmmmm...dreamy.

  3. Pudgeduck - a half-off sale will triple sales, if you've priced right, and don't run them too often, you actually make money off of them. I may take a loss on individual pieces, but overall, I'll do well.

    Julie, you want some of this stuff? I'll give you a deal... ;)

  4. LOL Claude!!! Hey...good news about your stapeliad...mine has about 5 buds I discovered yesterday!!! We are in for a treat! You know, I never noticed a melll, but I don't get too close due to all the flies swarming around!!! LOL.