Tuesday, August 12, 2008

West Fork Presbyterian

Well, I'm so out of things to talk about, I've resorted to taking pics of the historical landmarks that I run into while I'm driving....

But I probably would have taken a pic of this little church anyway... this is the West Fork United Presbyterian Church... this building was built about 1924, and moved to it's present location in 1955 when they expanded Hwy 360. It was origionally located next to Watson Cemetary, which you can still see if you're driving down 360.

The Watson Community, (I don't think it was ever actually incorporated as a city) suffered the fate of many small towns, swallowed by it's neighbors as they grew. Watson being swallowed by Grand Prarie. With most of these small towns, the only thing surviving of them is the cemetaries, as that's the only thing that couldn't be torn down or moved easily.

Fortunately, this pretty little church survived, although it is now surrounded by warehouses. Which seems strange to me, but I guess on Sunday, when all those businesses are closed, it would be a nice peaceful place, and those giant pecan trees do screen off any remaining bustle...


  1. This is a pretty little church! My husband and I got married in one even smaller. A little county place in the woods...brought back memories to see this one...so similar in structure!

  2. i went to a little Church like this one. Think I will take a pic of it and story for my blog! THANKS!