Saturday, August 16, 2008

around the garden...

just a few shots of some of the ruellias in the yard... these are really great plants, producing flowers by the hundreds. Sometimes called Mexican Petunias, these are native to Mexico... this is a cultivar named "Chi-Chi" which gets about 2 1/2 feet tall and has fine, thin leaves...

This is the old standard... with wider leaves, to 3+ feet tall and invasive. People sometimes plant these in alleys, as they spread quickly and thickly, can survive without watering, and grow thick enough to suffocate the weeds.

And this is my Pachypodium lameri, which I'm only posting because I'm feeling cantankerous and I want to make Julie jealous...


  1. Love the Ruellia - I've seen the name listed but never got a look at it. Reminds me of the flowers on a lavender trumpet vine (Clytostoma). Thanks for the nice shots.

  2. bad boy...showing off your Pachy like that!!! My eyes nearly popped out when I saw it! LOL. Very nice!!!

  3. I have the purple one. You are right, it can be invasive, but mine has stayed fairly contained to one area. I do like the pink flowers though.
    Your Madagascar Palm is fatter at the base than mine, but mine is taller. I love these plants--maybe not as much as Julie, but I've always had one around.