Monday, August 11, 2008


well, thought I would check in... had a semi-decent day at work. Only one order that was undeliverable, the address being all locked up and empty, so I drove off and then dispatch calls and says, "Oh, all their deliveries are supposed to be two blocks down the road..." of course, nobody told me this. There's no sign that says - all deliveries down the road. The people where I picked it up didn't know this... anyway, it didn't get two blocks down the road. It got taken back to the pick-up... if they want it delivered somewhere, it'll have to happen tomorrow.

Quite frankly, I had three other orders in the truck and do not have time to go hunting down some darned address that nobody knows. Ended up the day with a long run to Midlothian. Drizzling rain all day... not really raining, just occasionally dripping on me.

All this, and I still fealt good when I got home... go figure.

don't really have a thing to say. It's really one of those force myself to post and hope inspiration strikes things.

didn't seem to work...

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  1. LOL Claude---get out those index cards and get to doodling! I left you a comment on your comment on my blog!

    You will laugh when you actually find that address today...just 3 blocks down the road!!! LOL.

    Can you doodle some cactuses and post one on MOndays? You could be an unofficial member of Cactus Monday, but still have that little challenge each week! It might get your creative juices rolling again! It is a lot of fun, and you would have all weekend to come up with something. I for one, would love to see your doodles! :)