Thursday, August 07, 2008

nothing much...

I honestly haven't had a darned thing to say for days.

Seriously, there are clams that have more meaningful conversations than I'm capable of right now.

But I figured I would force myself to blog anyway. I know that if I get out of the habit of posting, It'll be much harder to get back in the habit.

Of course, you're reading this, so I guess I'll have to come up with somthing for you to read...

how about another poem...


When Grandmama fell off the boat,
And couldn't swim (and wouldn't float),
Matilda just stood by and smiled.
I almost could have slapped the child.

Harry Graham

And one more, in case you didn't like that one...


"Now that poor, wayward Jane is big with child,
She has repented and is reconciled
To lead a virtuous life in thought and deed."
So spoke her aunt, and all the girls agreed.
Then one of them, an artless, large-eyed one,
Murmured, "Repentance we would never shun--
But first let's learn to do what Jane has done."

Louis Untermeyer {translation by Jean De La Fontaine}



  1. I am in the same boat! Nothing going on in my life! I haven't had sight of any wild life here-sorta in a funk! I should force myself to blog like you!!

  2. Oh Claude...I feel the same way...just burnt out at work...but I know I will get back to my old self one of these days. Love your poetry...very funny! By all means...keep posting...I would miss you too much, ya know! :)

  3. Late summer doldrums. I've been in a funk all summer, as usual. Too hot to go outside, so I just stay in. I've come to the conclusion I need Vitamin D supplementation. Can you imagine? An Arizonan who needs Vitamin D???
    Hope you perk up soon (and me too, as well as Pudgeduck and Julie!!!)