Saturday, August 23, 2008

Echeveria nodulosa

Last week was very difficult, so I decided to reward myself with a new plant...

Now, he's not in great shape, but I kind of like him... The tag that came with the plant says hardy to 20 degrees... (zone 8) which means that it might be winter hardy here, but it might not... Like most echeverias, until I know of one that survived outside here, or until I can propogate it to test it, it'll have to come inside for the winter.

This plant grows a little differently from most Echeverias, growing longer trunklike stems, to about a foot tall. If I can get it in the rock garden, it will grow into a mound of these purple striped leaves....


  1. very beautiful Echeveria i do not have it.
    here no problem growing in garden in winter,it is good grow under rain
    good luck for you

  2. Last week was very difficult for me too!I'm going after my reward at Lowes today! Turr Tull is roaming the yard looking for a mate-I picked Lowes hibiscus clean for his dinner yesterday. My lone plant is not blooming. Trull Tull turned his nose up-He wants a lover instead.....

  3. This one is really neat looking! I've not ever seen it before to my it on the rare side??? I only want rarer plants now...maybe cause I have so many of the more common ones already...I love purple and green together in plants...good find, and a great REWARD!!!!!

  4. Hello. I am a wedding planner and I have a bride who would love to have the echeveria nodulosa in her bouquet. I am wondering if any of you might have a lead on where I could purchase a 3-5" specimen? They are so beautiful, and I would love to make her so happy on her wedding day. I sure wouldn't mind having one in my garden as well!

    Thanks very much!