Thursday, May 08, 2008

So, I kept remembering little pieces of this poem all day, and I could hardly wait to get home to look it up. Don't you hate it when you remember something, but you don't really remember it? This is one that I had to memorise when I was a kid, for extra credit in school or something.

What Grandpa Mouse Said

The moon's a holy owl queen,
She keeps them in a jar
Under her arm till evening,
Then sallies forth to war.

She pours them out upon us.
They hoot with horrid noise
And eat the naughty mousie-girls
And wicked mousie boys.

So climb the moon-vine every night
And too the owl queen pray;
Leave good green cheese by moon-lit trees
For her to take away.

And never squeek, my children,
Nor gnaw the smoke house door;
The owl-queen then will love us,
And send her birds no more.

by Vachel Lindsay

Anyway, this first week back at work has not been the best... I'm really fealing my age here... But the week is over half over, and I'm still standing, so I suppose that amounts to something.

I've been listening to National Public Radio a lot, as I drive around. I figure I might as well keep myself informed. It would appear that they're all predicting that oil will go up to over 200 a barrel. That means that gas will be over $7.00 a gallon. I'm seriously going to have to find another job. And start riding my bike, because I ain't starting that truck for nothing I don't have to.


  1. Gas prices...eeeeeeeee!!! I hear ya!

    That poem seems a bit intense for a child to learn! WOW! I had never heard it before. I wonder if the author wrote any others? I will look. Hey...TGIF! Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

  2. That's a new verse for me. I never heard this one as a kid, and I was a real nursery rhyme aficionado! I like it.

  3. If I remember correctly, Vachel Lindsay also wrote "The Moon is the North Winds Cookie"