Monday, May 05, 2008

1st day back...

An absolutely horrid day back at work. It's not that I was overworked, it's that I was under worked. Literally spent about 2 hours sitting in parking lots in not very nice parts of Dallas, waiting for someone, somewhere to need something delivered...

Did find this beauty growing by the side of the road in a vacant lot I was waiting by... A pomegranate bush. They're fairly common here as ornamental fruit trees... this one didn't seem to have any fruit on it from last year, and since it was the only one around for a good mile, probably isn't getting the proper pollination. But at 8 feet tall and around, it was putting on a darned good display... I understand that these fruit bushes are native to near dessert areas, and thats probably why they do so well in our area.

But back to my point, I'm not the kind of guy who can sit around doing nothing for an extended period of time. I start to think too much. That's never safe.

It shouldn't be a problem tomorrow... I've got one of those extended long distance drives tomorrow. 97 miles to Bonham, TX. It'll take all morning, but it'll pay good... and I'll take my camera, since I might see something worth taking a pic of.



  1. We had a pomegranate tree at our farm - always had fruit. In fact it's still there, must be over 49years old. If I had the room here I would plant one!

  2. I never realized Pomogranite trees were so pretty with lovely blooms!