Sunday, May 25, 2008

hello again...

wow... I wonder if I should delete yesterdays post? It's really in very bad taste... but we can't always be PC...

anyway, spent most of today in the yard gardening... I feel much better today. Took a few pics, since I was out there... nothing really new though.

It's really amazing how working out there in the yard calms my nerves and allows me to refocus on what's really important... It's kind of like compost therapy. Anyway, my apologies for the truly disgusting post, but I think I'm going to leave it, at least for the time being.


  1. This is such an amazing succulent planter...I want to make one really bad, but then I feel if I do anything, it should be more tire gardens (to keep it all symmetrical, etc.)....but this is really inspiring!!!

  2. I have two strawberry planters-I am going to try and make one like your - love it!! Leave the blog, unfortunately thats life!

  3. This container looks so beautiful!

  4. Great container planting!