Wednesday, May 21, 2008

same old same old

not one thing to say really, but I need to make sure that i don't get out of the habit of posting...

I've been lurking over at ebay, on the message boards... especially the feedback board.

The feedies are all in a tizzy... ebay, as planned, has put through their new feedback rules. Now buyers can leave all the negatives & nuetral feedbacks they want, and the sellers can't leave anything but positive. Which meens, now, 3 days later, there are buyers already scamming sellers.

They buy things, then demand free shipping, or they'll leave a negative. Or they get an item in the mail, and demand a refund and no they are not returning it, and if they don't get their money back, they'll give you a neg.

The problem is, that if you get too many negs, then ebay, thru paypal (which they own) will hold your money for 21 days before they give it to you. Or, if you're a power seller, if the feedback rating is too low, then you have to pay extra to list... Oh, and nuetrals aren't nuetral, ebay counts them against you in your rating. It's really a mess... and I'm glad that I closed my ebay store. I'm still selling in the antique mall, and I may run a few auctions, but I don't want to deal with this mess.

The heat is hitting in Texas... glad I got my AC fixed a few weeks ago. We're running in the low 90's right now, which actually isn't that bad and we'll be in the 100's soon enough.

As I said, nothing much to really say... just wanted to check in...

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  1. WOW...Ebay really does sound aweful! It got up to 97 here yesterday...I could not believe it! It's only May, for goodness sake!