Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well, Happy Halloween...

So, I hope everyone has a great Halloween, there's too much for me to do to be doing any tricking or treating... Yesterday wasn't good, had a silly little newbie give me a neg on ebay, then he showed up on the discusion boards with a sock ID. If he'd just contacted me I would have refunded him with no problem, but he decided to neg instead... so on his head be it.

Anyway, hope he enjoys his neg, it hurts him more than me... I'm certainly not losing any sleep over it, I have other things to lose sleep over... Not even sure why I mentioned it, It's just the cherry on the cake of my day.

Actually, no news today... There's really nothing to say, but I like the idea of journalling... I used to keep a regular journal all the time. But working 12 hour days got me out of the habit. Probably need to buy a notebook and start up again.

The cat is being vicious, the pug dog is being long-suffering, and I'm just being tired.

What a depressing post.

Sorry to anyone who had to read this...

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