Monday, October 30, 2006

The DRAMA is almost done..!

Almost out of that store. The landlord has already rented it to someone else, they're going to open a game room... Just what we need, more illegal slot machines... there's already three in that shopping center, and two more moving in. There will now be only 2 legal businesses there... but that's not my concern. I will, after tomorrow, not have to deal with frightening looking people and illegal drug use... I will just run my business on-line.

Might be writing a few letters to congressmen about either legalizing gambling so they can control it or enforcing the laws they already have, but I won't have to deal with it in my face anymore. On the other hand, maybe I'll just let Karma take care of it... those guys do look like Karma's kicked them in the face a few times already...

Now that I'm through with my rant, I suppose I should talk about the ebay thing. As of November 4, I'm going to start listing again. I was going to start sooner, but I've spent the last 2 weeks working everyday, and I need a little time off.

I do have some great Staffordshire Pottery to list, Liberty Blue -colonial, full set of 8, and a model train, some everyday Gibson Pottery, and a few other nice little collectables.

I'm saying November 4 as the plan, but I may get it there sooner. Right now I'm so used to working like a demon, that the last day off I took made me a nervous wreck!

Regardless, when it's listed, I'll post a few picks here. Then I'll work on Getting the Google adwords set up, they should get some traffic. Wishing everybody well, Later...

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