Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kron table lamps

Listed this great pair of table lamps today. From KRON, right now the only pair of table lamps from KRON that are listed as far as I can tell... although there are a whole passel of the siamese cat TV lamps, and one of the giant black panther mantle piece lamps... for quite a large price.

My pair, I'm starting at 19.95. Don't have the auction # handy, but if you go to the store and click on the categories retro or collectables, they'll be right there... and if the shipping seems high, it's because they weigh close to 11 pounds. Not to mention there will have to be a huge box...

right now, I'm basically wasting my time. I should be doing the last of the packing here, but quite frankly, I'm tired! Can't wait till this is over and I can get back to listing all this stuff on ebay... later folks.

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