Sunday, March 29, 2015

So... remember a while ago when a roommate disappeared with my rent?  With a couple of drug addicts?  Well he showed back up. 



Here's the story.

So RM ( Room Mate) got involved with MF (male freak) And FF (female freak).  Their hold on him was primarily drugs.  Specifically marijuana and MOJO (artificial marijuana, which can be kind of dangerous)

And just for the record... RM is a senior citizen,  so he should know better. 

FF managed to convince him that I was planning on skippng town.  He therefore left town with those two and they ended up in a rural area of Louisiana where FF had family.  

FF' s family didn't want anything to do with her.  MF got arrested for sex with a juvenile (what most of America calls statutory rape but in LA they have different names for everything) 

FF stole his car keys to keep him from leaving then hit the local bars to turn tricks and support her drug habit. 

He found the keys, got back to New Orleans, showed up here crying, begging forgiveness, cigarettes and money. 

Forgiveness he can have, but after stealing my money... Not one red cent, assuming I have it to spare, and I don't. 

After about am hour of listening to him whine I sent him off to the VA.  He's a vet and they have options for him there.  And the hotel had let it be known that he had to leave the property IMMEDIATELY or they were calling police.

So.... there we are. 

Yeah... I feel a little cold blooded, but it's like this...

I strongly believe in the whole balance of positive and negative energy... to invite this kind of negativity into my life, knowingly and willingly, isn't going too happen. 

Yeah... I feel sorry for him, but when you throw in with drug addict child molesters and prostitutes, well, crap happens.  

I threw in with negative people when I agreed to share a room with him.  Crap happened.  Under no circumstance will I throw in with that again.  I learned my lesson. 

Moving on. 

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  1. Claude,
    My personal take on a situations such as this (have read the post you made when all this originally transpired) once a jackal has bitten the hand of friendship the hand is never offered again. That said, it does not mean the jackal should not be treated with kindness and compassion which I feel you admirably did. You gave of your time to listen to his tell of woe, and then directed him to an organization equipped to help him on multiple levels. This my friend is not a cold blooded act. – G