Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Of course, St P's day,  throughout most of America, involves at least a modicum of beer or whisky, and therefore in NOLA we're gonna do it up right. 

Here, it involves large amounts of the above libations, and a loud parade (4 actually) involving thrown plastic beads  and airborne cabbages.  

No, really, they throw cabbages.   Here's this morning's haul...

Well, minus one head... it's already being cooked up.  Its in a baking pan, wedged,  sprinkled with salt and hot sauce, And will soon be placed in the oven and served creole style.

With beer, Of course.  

Yum, actually.

And just for the record...  i am perfectly willing to admit that the thought of a parade float throwing cabbages is kind of amusing, but it's much less amusing when you have five pounds of hard ass vegetable aimed in the general direction of your head.

Regardless... cabbage is much more useful than the plastic beads... 

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