Friday, March 13, 2015

A plant post!

Finally... I broke down and bought me a plant... Echiveria nodulosa,,.. aka painted echiveria. 

I almost didn't have a choice... Wal-Mart had somehow managed to underwater it.  I had to rescue it.  

Here it is after he's had a drink.  He needs a bit more light too. 

And now... back to my usual self centered crapola...

have officially beem cast in Scream Queens, which is a new series by the creators of American Horror Story.  I film on Monday.  Just extra work but theirs something weird about how the casting process is going there... anyway... right now I'm supposed to be a dad helping his kid mov . To college.  the series is centered around a serial killer on a campus... Jamie Leigh Curtis is starrng, an  I hope that she'll be on set.  Ive always be a big fan...

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