Friday, February 20, 2015

Various updates

Just to catch up... more for myself than anything else... I'm back on my feet.  Kinda.  Right after disastrous roommate situation, I took a day job at an office.cafeteria for one day.  One day was all it was, I was replacing someone who was coming back the next day, and I didn't think anything of it... I mean I can scoop up green pees onto plates as good as anybody...

Next day I hear that they fired someone, And needed someone else but they most definitely didn't want me because I had cussed out a customer, and I was just trailer trash. 

I have never cursed a customer in my life, the temp service usually sends me out to country clubs where I get rave reviews, and we were all just befuddled.  Trailer trash is a new one... usually I get called arrogant if anything, but I'm not gonna worry about it...

Then, I hear from the guy who got fired and he said he was fired because he walked into the managers office and caught the manager and the chef snorting cocaine... and everything started to make sense. 

Coke?  Really?  How two thousand late...

Regardless,  the roommate from hell still hasn't turned up.  We did find a pic of the young guy He took off with in one of those
Awful papers that shows mugshots of wanted people... turns out he has a charge of' Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile'  

If I'd have known about that, I would have called the cops.  To tell them what tree I'd  hung him from. 

After we found the pic in the paper, the management got a call from his girlfriend saying he'd gotten arrested for a traffic ticket and she needed money to get him out. (After they'd stolen from me and the hotel and snuck out a back door.  She's got guts, I'll give her that.) 

Uh huh....NO.

Regardless... got a new roommate... who lasted less than a week... no one knows what became of them, just disappeared leaving all the luggage being...

Moved to a new room with another guy and we're getting along ok... primarily because we never see each other... but he's nice enough.  I lent him the yellow Mardi Gras jacket for a date and it came back clean so we're good...

Did another movie which was ok,  except the director was an ass and the extras were plotting to kill him, (no really... if you've hired several real live bikers and their Harleys, you might wanna watch how you talk to them.  They're usually nice enough guys but they can take offence to being treated like sub humans.  Real extras are used to it... bikers aren't)

Onto another TV series this week where I will playing a desk clerk in a Paris Hotel... they called saying I have a great European look(which translates to a big nose far as I can tell) so we'll see how that works out. 

And there we are.

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