Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sts Peter and Paul church

Filming on NCIS again today. Hoping I get off in time to see myself featured on the episode tonight....  the Extra Holding is actually in the Sts Peter and Paul church which had to be closed after hurricane Katrina. Its a fantastic 160 year old building... the scene is being filmed in what used to be the priory, and is actually older, having been built in the late 1700's. 

One of the co owners of the property  is here, he tells me that they're going to be refurbishing the building, keeping as much origional as they can (thank you) to be used as a nondenominational wedding venue.  The other buildings (church school and offices) are going to be converted to hotel.  Since its within walking distance of the French Quarter, I'm sure it will be successful. 

The interior had a pink and cream color scheme, which is unusual... but it worked... and now it had a lot a peeling paint and cracked plaster which thrills me for some reason. 

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