Tuesday, February 03, 2015

And so we carry on...

After the events of the disastrous room mate situation,  leaving me less than an inch from homeless, I've began rallying back. 

Just now... it strikes me that with my age... maturity, lets call it maturity... with maturity, I've actually gained some things.  If this had happened when I was in my 20s, it would have thrown me off balance.  I would have spent the next 2 week's raging, screaming and basically feeling sorry for myself, blaming the planet, and being useless. 

What did I do now?

I went to work. 

True...that may have been the most uncomfortable set I've every been on.  Its less than 40 degrees, we're at the South Side Harbor Marina, there 20 mile per hour winds coming off the water, and we're dressed for summer in Florida. 

Hell no.

But, I got my stuff... I moved into a cheap dorm, and I just carried on.  This isn't going to set me back.  Other people's karma is their problem.  My roommate was a senior citizen with a steady government check.  The young couple that he took up with are drug addicts who are taking advantage of him.  

Yes, there is a chance that they will find him by the road and his car long gone. 

I tried to block them... the hotel banned them from the property a month ago, but roommate was sneaking them in at night so they could squat. 

I would go to work in the morning, and he would sneak them into the room all day where they would sit and whine at him. 

God only knows what they've managed to manipulate him into... (I did get wind of one plan to run drugs across state lines and I certainly thought I'd squashed that...But when I'm working 12 hour days there's so much going on when not here, who knows)

He's decided, and he's not stupid so it was a decision, to steal my money and throw in with them.   So be it.  I can't worry about this.  You make your bed... you lie in it. 

I've got more movie checks coming in... the hotel is working with me (along with some of my stuff, the microwave, a space heater, and a few other things of theirs disappeared) and I'll just carry on.  It will mean RAMEN noodles for dinner for about a week, but I've survived worse and I get good food on set.

I apologise for the last post.   It was moment of self pity and angst that I'm getting past, all though I'm sure there will be a couple of flare-ups over the next few weeks, but I promise I'll to keep my head up and attitude positive.  

Carry on. 

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  1. You have every right to be angry and to feel taken advantage of - it sounds like you WERE taken advantage of, and that sucks. I'm sorry you're going through all of this, Claude, but I'm glad you're landing on your feet. Good luck!!!