Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just an update

So... today I went to day labor at 6 AM, and they gave me a ticket for 10 PM to work all night stocking shelves at WAL Mart... (this glam life of mine.... I'm sure you're just seething with jealousy) but that meant I had all day to find something too do with myself...

Of course, the proper thing to do, the SMART thing to do, would be to take a nice nap so I'm fully rested for work tonight. 


It is Mardi Gras... and the parades are going... but quite frankly they've been going and after you 've had to fight through them to buy a fast food hamburger three times, they start to wear a little thin.   And yeah, It's fun to stand there and scream"GIMME SOMETHIN'..." And catch beads, but there's always the problem of what the hell are you supposed to do with a gazillion cheap plastic beads when you get home... and I just generally wasn't feeling it. 

Then I realized that I've been having a problem getting certain parts in movies... and I looked at my pics on file and I figured out a certain part of the problem... I can't get upscale looking parts of all my pictures are showing me looking blue collar at best and homeless at worst...

I'm not complaining, those pics are getting me gigs, but I don't want to spend my entire career playing disgruntled workers and homeless guys.  

So... found a shirt and tie, cornered one of my fellow inmates, (here at St V's, we call ourselves inmates.  Hell the building has ASYLLUM carved into the roof, and there's some residents with a rather tenuous hold on reality, so why not?) and we had a little photo shoot...

I clean up pretty good, if I say so myself. So now maybe I'll get office guy Jobs.  Or disgruntled psycho office guy or something.  Well see.

Then I took a nap.  

Now , back to bluecollar clothes to work stocking shelves.  

My life is kinda schizophrenic,  isn't it?

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  1. A HA! I've been saying to myself that you look like you could be related to some other actor, but I couldn't ever remember who. I finally figured it out: Denis O'Hare