Friday, January 16, 2015

More busy

So.  The NCIS shoot I talked about in the  last post turned out interesting.  I was more or less featured at the protest as the Suspect in the Crowd.  One of the advantages of looking like I do is that although I can clean up pretty good, I can also look a little scary without too much effort... yeah, I've got character face.  Its an advantage... Vincent Price made a lot of money with that and I have no problem following on his footsteps

So, when we break for lunch, and I'm surrounded by about a hundred extras who are hating on me because they think they should have got the featured shot and could have done it better,  I turn on the phone and a casting director is calling. 

Can I run over to anothet set to film something else?

Um... no... I'm on a set now and will be the rest of the day...

Could I schedule a shoot for next week...

Uh, sure, why not?

All while people are glaring holes into me. 

Bite me weasels. 

So...Scary suspect at protest... NCIS episode 15... if you wanna see it.  And more Astronaut Wives Club.   And I'm off for my final day, I think, at GeoStorm in a few minutes. 


  1. Wow! Its all so exciting!!!!!

  2. So glad to hear that you're doing so well in NOLA!