Saturday, January 24, 2015

A moral Dilemma.

Well... that does presume I have morals... but here's the thing...

A casting call came through from The Church Of Latter Day Saints... seems they're doing a series of internet spots promoting 'traditional family values' which isn't really one of my favorite phrases. 

Quite frankly, it's a phrase that's a bit TOO open to interpretation, but considering the source, is probably boiling down to anti-gay, although it could be anti-abortion, anti-divorce, anti-  Well anti lots of things which I may or may not agree with. 
Of course, I am am actor, and its my job to portray lots of things I wouldn't actually do or think. 

And its strange... I would quite willingly, without a second thought, portray a mass murdering psychopath, so why am I drawing the line at conservative Republicanism?

I think that it's the nature of the presentation... if I was portraying a mass murdering psychopath, it would be in a setting of the hero trying to stop me.  Well... usually, and everyone watching would know it's a fictional portrayal, at least on some level. 

These web infomercials are presented as a nonfiction," this is what you should do with your life thing," and it's pushing my comfort zone.

But... I did submit...

Not sure how I feel about that... I'm not confident that I'll get it, I'm not gonna be upset if I don't, And the moral dilemma can be dealt with If I  do.  maybe I'll just show up for the shoot wearing a leather bondage harness and rainbow cape...

In other news,  I'm filming another episode of NCIS Monday.  Thats cool.  No dilemma there...

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