Sunday, January 11, 2015

Busy Busy busy

Haven't had time to blog... which is upsetting actually.  I like to keep track of my friends and writing on here keeps my priorities in order. 

Last Friday,  I filmed on Astronaut Wives Club again... This time I was a "roughneck"

It was my job to sit with 2 other guys on the tailgate of a pickup truck.  An astronaut comes out of the bar,  guy recognises him and wants to have a beer with him,  He turns us down, so we kick his spaceboy butt. 

It started out with wardrobe putting me in something that made me look like one of my high school math teachers,  so we changed out to something else, and spent the next 5 hours sitting outside in weather that started out about 37 degrees and steadily dropped.  My sinus cavities were not happy.

Then the next day... I get an emergency rush call to be a spectator At the WAL (that's Worldwide Armwrestling League) championships that they're filming for ESPN.  This isn't as uncommon as you'd think.  With certain sporting events, people come, see the match they want to see then leave.  ESPN and WAL want the stands full so that the event looks exciting, so they pay extras to fill the stands and cheer and generally act like they're having the time of their life. 

Which is difficult to do, Because, let's face it folks, everything starts to get boring after a couple of hours.  Besides, being locked in a room full of sweaty arm wrestlers starts to get rather fragrant eventually...

But I dressed the part... workboots, jeans, black t-shirt and camo hoodie, and cheered the guys on as best I could...

Today, a day off,  tomorrow NCIS New Orleans.   I'm a protestor.  Don't know what I'm protesting, but I'll probably wear the same clothes and take a few options.  And then. .. I've got to be in a Mardi Gras parade on the 21st... but the final day of Geostorm is in there somewhere, and I'll probably come up with a few things in between.


  1. It sounds like 2015 is a year of firsts. I'm trying to be spontaneous for the first time ever. I decided today to leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning. Crazy, right? But the offer was there so I went for it. Sounds like you are doing the same thing with film and tv - taking the offers that get dangled before you. Good job, Claude! I'm rooting for you!

  2. Awesome stuff, Claude! Glad you will be in a parade....get to see some interesting sites during that, I'm sure!