Monday, November 02, 2009

unknown episcia & drunken voodoo dolls....

Well, that title should get your attention...

Anyway, we'll start with the NOID Episcia... this was given too me as a tiny cutting that had been rooted in water... for far too long. It was kind of ill looking... and I didn't think it was gonna make it.

I planted it in one of those self-watering violet pots. I know, they're absolutely horrifying things, they make plant roots rot, and all cause fungus gnats and there's a whole list of reasons why nurserymen and african violet fanciers will tell you that these are the horticultural equivalent of placing people in the iron maiden... but the fact remains that mom grew lots of african violets, both in these pots and in regular old pots... and the ones in these pots did pretty darned well. Especially if you're asking me to take care of the things, since I water on a cactus schedule rather than a tropical one...

The episcia did good... this is 6 months later. It hasn't bloomed yet. Primarily because it's in a window with an exterior sun screen... Which I hate. But, in this part of the world, they seriously cut down on air conditioning bills. Which I like. It is growing dark green leaves and pink veins. The person who gave me the origional cutting said that it had red flowers... which is hardly surprising as most flame violets do... although there are pink, yellow and orangish varieties out there....
I may, some time in very early spring, take some cuttings of my own to root and sell for a couple of bucks each at the flea market. We'll see. As dramatically pretty as the plant is, it doesn't really suit me.
And now for the drunken voodoo doll... Some of you may recall Little Goth Bob, my little friend who wanders around my house... This isn't him. This is his cousin, Little Lounge Lizard Bob.

Little Lounge Lizard Bob is about 10 years old, and I made him as a good luck charm for a friend of mine who was opening a bar. It was a rousing success... He has now opened a new bar, and I was amazed to see that Bob had followed him... if you're ever in Dallas, check out the Tradewinds Social Club in Oakcliff, and make sure you say hello to the wooden guy waving to you from the ceiling over the bar...


  1. Oh god...I love Little Lounge Lizard Bob! He really did bring good luck!!! Awesome!

    I know what you are saying about the water needing plant here...I water on a cactus schedule too, and as much as I WANT to have water loving is a miracle if I can ever keep them going more than a year!

  2. I can imagine Episcias being one of the better plants to put in a self watering pot - let them dry out even for a short time and it'll take forever to get them looking good again. Yours is looking great though so I guess those pots help.

  3. Voodoo dolls hmm....can you make one that looks like someone I know so I can stick pins on ????

  4. Can you make one for No see ums? I need help with my radish crop!!

  5. Little Lounge Lizard Bob makes you semi-famous. He looks like he's seen 40 miles of bad road--probably has, being in a bar for 10 years--but now that he has new surroundings, maybe he'll regain his health!

  6. Wow....The two friends story you hace told here is looks owesome.I think i should come to you and let you make a lucky voodoo to me.....what you say?