Thursday, November 19, 2009

no pics today...

quite frankly, I'm entirely too pissed off.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a public announcement...

I have now officially exceeded my maximum load bearing capacity for bovine excrement.

I woke up this morning to find that the truck had been broken into, so I'm off to get repairs in a few minutes... no radio (which I will live without for a few days) no GPS system, which quite frankly has to be replaced as it saves a huge amount of time and effort when I'm working, and a new window...

Unfortunately, the city has, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a great idea to put low cost public housing across the street from my neighborhood. This kind of crap is becoming entirely too common... There are just too many idiot teenagers wandering around with no supervision. I remember being a teenager. A big part of being a teenager is getting away with anything you can. I understand this... but it seems to me that a big part of being a parent should be impressing upon said teenagers that you're not going to get away with certain things...

I have witnessed 15 year old girls having fist-fights in somebodies yard across the street, I have called the cops when I saw a pair of young men going from mailbox to mailbox looking for checks, I have opened my door to find young men begging for money... and I'm ashamed to say that I even placed a bet in the neighborhood pool when a 15 year old girl down the road got pregnant and didn't know exactly which guy the father was... it could have been a white guy, a black guy, or a mexican guy. (No asians, she's evidently a bigot... although I have to say here, that a little discrimination might be a good thing in some situations...) I'm not gonna say which it turned out to be, but I won $20.

Now seriously folks... exactly how much bull is one person expected to take before they pick up a stick and start swinging? Admittedly, it's not been a good year for me, and a lot of this is probably that I'm just tired, but what the hell?


  1. Life is becoming unhinged everywhere. I think we are one of the least disturbed areas around our part of the state but others are like you have described.

  2. Bummer! These kinds of things also happen in areas where there is no public housing. Thugs are everywhere. Our son's truck was parked outside our house when we lived in Kentucky, and he woke up on the morning of his 21st birthday to find that it had been broken into and seriously damaged as well. He only had liability insurance so nothing was covered.

  3. Oh goodness, Claude...I am so sorry!!! Can you move out???

  4. Public Housing...gotta lov'em! NOT!
    And a good ranting, once in a while, is good for the soul...
    Thanks for your visit, Claude! Have a great weekend and don't get lost!

  5. CelticRose9:19 AM

    Didn't you say you inherited the family home? Is it in a better neighborhood? Maybe you could move in there.

    If you can, get a GPS system that you can bring inside with you at the end of the day. And a car alarm.

    Hope things go better for you soon.