Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've had nothing much to say, it's actually gettting almost boring here...

but, I found this video when I was looking for another one, and it gave me a laugh or two...

This December marks the 10th anniversary of Madeline Kahn's death, but fortunately we have videos and youtube to remember her, and her classy sense of humor.

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  1. Madeline was such a doll of a woman! Just cute and beautiful...witty and sweet. This was a very fun clip of her!

    I agree with you in the boring department...its happening here too! Since I quit my job, flew to Shreveport, and am now a full time granny...I have no time for my succulents or my general blogging activities anymore. I am regulating myself to see if I can in a better spot and see if I can still do some things Julie wants to do!

    I am hoping you find some excitement soon...hey...when you get snow and ice, you can be on the lookout for tolerant cactus in your area!!!