Saturday, May 23, 2009

more random pics...

Mother and I went to visit friends of the family... Actually, more like family than some of my actual family... I spent a few minutes taking some pics... They have a circular planting bed in the middle of their driveway. Origionally it had two half dead crepe myrtle trees in it, but since they've moved in, about 4 years ago, they've dug out the grass and started planting things... these are some cosmos that self seeded from last year...
And these are cushion mums... In our climate, crysanthemums sprout in spring, bloom in early summer, then go into a heat-induced dormancy before resprouting and blooming in fall like a normal mum...
And these are self seeded petunias. Sometimes, when you buy petunias and plant them, they scatter seeds, and this is pretty much what you'll get next year... plants that bloom in various shades of white, lavendar and purple.
although, sometimes you'll get a surprise... look at those bicolors in there... These have been self-seeding for about 3 years now.

and here's some day lillies...

scrunched right up beside the daisies...

And this is our hosts father, aged 78, who was sitting on the porch whittling a mockingbird...

He's really a very talented carver. I have my order in for a cane with a horses head handle, but he's got a very long list.
Of course, we stayed for a late lunch featuring fresh leaf lettuce from the vegetable garden, and zuccini fritters...
Mix together
2 grated medium zuccini (or large yellow squash,)
1 grated carrot
1 small onion
1 egg
add enough flour to make it all stick together good (about 1/2 cup)
and Salt and Pepper to taste
Fry by large spoonfuls in hot oil till brown.
Serve immediately.
Simple and yummy... you can vary the ingredients or seasoning to individual taste... maybe a minced jalapeno if you like spicy?
So, my Memorial Day weekend started out pretty well... Hope y'all have a great one!


  1. I love the exuberance of the self-seeded flowers.

    How wonderful to be able to carve like that! It'd be great to see some photos of finished carvings.

  2. He has given away or sold, for a very small price, almost all of his carvings. I'll see if they have any of his stuff around to take pics of though...

  3. I just learned that Petunias self-seed this year. I usually keep them in a wok planter from January to early May, when they dry up. This past spring, some came up on their own. After they died off, Vincas started srouting, so I guess I don't need to buy any more bedding plants for this planter!
    The recipe sounds worth trying. I'm getting a good amount of pattypan squash and cannonball Zucchini right now from my container garden. My hubby is tired of squash every night, but I know he'll go for this dish!

  4. YUMMY!!!! Great looking flowers! Reseeded petunias would save a lot of money and work!-never had any come up here.

  5. I love self seeding flowers. They are so much fun with so little effort. I have poppies which self seed every year.
    The mocking bird seems to be coming out really well. I wish I could be as creative at half that age!

  6. Very cool petunias- I need something like that to cover my dirt and weeds! Will the take full sun in the Spring?