Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And again, this year...

I usually try to take a pic of the first bloom this plant, Escobaria vivipara, puts out every year. But the first bloom was a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of a thunderstorm, and it never really opened. So, we'll have to settle for this...

In about a month, it'll bloom again, probably a mass of blooms... but I'll settle for this one. He's been outside for just about a year now, and he seems to be settling in very well. There are several varieties of Escobaria vivipara... my research tells me that this ones heigth, pink blooms, and winter hardiness probably point to the Arizona variety. Ultimately, which variety doesn't matter to me that much, as long as it continues to bloom and grow...


  1. Thats what I say-doesn't matter to me either what variety! I just wish I could get my cactus to bloom.....

  2. I've noticed that the cactus in Texas look a lot better (fatter and greener than ones here. I think it's because they get more moisture. Your specimen is especially nice!

  3. It's gorgeous, Claude. I am so mad at myself. I planted a hen-and-chicks on the south side of the house, thinking it would be the driest and best location. Well, I placed it too close to the downspout, and I found it rotted away the other day from some heavy rains we had a week ago. Lesson learned. I've got a hardscrabble place for the next succulent I will try. It's a place not close to the house or hose where very little survives my benign neglect. Thank you, by the way, for that lovely comment you left on my last post.

  4. Beautiful blooms- I love the light pinky color.