Saturday, May 30, 2009

cemetary cactus update...

An update on the Cemetary Cactus...

Of all the little pups and chopped up pieces that survived the cemetary lawnmower, all but 2 rooted... which means I have 42 little cactus, and they're all showing signs of new growth.

Some of you may recognise this tire planter... I origionally put some semps in here under the agave and prickly pear... but I decided that this really was the best place for the cactus cuttings... they won't mind being shaded by the larger plants, and when they bloom next spring, their yellow blooms will look good next to the yellow stripes and polka dots of the other plants. Kind of a mixing textures thing...

I think that as these grow and produce a huge mound of plant, they'll look really amazing... as for now, I've kinda scattered them randomly... I think it will look more natural that way than if they were all exactly 1 1/2 inches apart... especially since they are of several different sizes.
The other day I drove by the cemetary these came out of, and they were mowing again. I almost stopped to see if there were more little plants to save, but thankfully, I didn't. I mean really, 42 little plants is more than enough for anybody, right?
And now, I really should be going... I may have a better post for you tomorrow. I've got it into my head to do a large garden project.

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like something I would do....:)