Friday, April 10, 2009

nothing much...

I took this pic of one of my sempervivums a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't publish it for some reason... anyway, here it is now, as it's not been a good couple of days for pic taking...

We've had gusty winds stirring up the dust, and wildfires west and north of us, so the sky has turned a little yellow on us. And the smoke and dust has made everything look foggy... not much fun if you have any sort of breathing problems. But the wind will be changing over the weekend, and they say there's actually a chance of rain coming in... which we desperately need!

Anyway, I was just posting so that everyone would know I'm still around...

later folks.


  1. Oh! that sounds pretty sad. I hope the much needed rains bless you soon.

  2. Beautiful! Hope your air clears up soon!

  3. Hope you get some rain-It rained here last night and this AM!! April here is a dry month!