Tuesday, April 07, 2009

nothing much happening...

Nothing much happening over the past week... Today I did figure out how to get to a historic graveyard that you can see from the road, but there is no clear access too... turned out that the only road leading to it goes ambles between a natural gas rig, the electric company and the access road to the main water supply of a town... essentially, they don't want people visiting the area. The graveyard is locked up behind a gate, but I stuck the camera through and got a pic of one corner...

also, while I was there, I took a pic of the first of the winecups I've seen blooming this year...

and some of the wild verbena...

Then I came home and made another tire planter. This is what they look like if you have the rims still attached... I'll be painting it Terra Cotta tomorrow.

This one is for my sister, who insisted that she wanted one. My neighbor down the street was walking through the alley when I was making this one, and asked me to make her one. Really, I've made these things since I was a kid... as I explained in a previous post... (click the tag, and you'll find it!) It never occured to me that it was a special talent. Now I'm wondering if I should make a few for the Flea Market... the price of pots is so high, I bet I could get 15 or 20 each out of these...

And that's about all the excitement I've had.


  1. it is my first time at your blog. I love the title Random Rants and Prickly Plants . It suits your blog very much. great shots.

  2. Oh Claude...I love your pics of the interesting cemetery and the blooming wildflowers! You always find the neatest natural pics!

    Now...your tires. They are WAY COOL, ultra snazzy and awesome! Down here, if you made one of these and filled it, you could sell one for 100 dollars at the flea market! I really like the one you made in black with the gold rim...it looks beautiful just like that!!!

    What do you use to cut the tires with? Have you told me before? I tried a craft knife, but the tire was impossible...I feel like I need a laser!!!

    I just want to remove the top lip from mine for more planting room. It is really starting to piss me off too...I want to "get er done" if you know what I mean!!!

  3. Did you get my first comment? I think I lost it.

  4. Julie, the blade has to be thick, so it doesn't bend and sharp at the tip and serrated on the blade itself. A hunting type knife would probably be best...

    The pic is decieving, it doesn't really look that good in it's 'natural' colors. Besides, it's for my sister, and she want's it Terra Cotta...

  5. I would buy one! I know you will sell plenty! Wish you could go in and find dates on the headstones.

  6. I had to come over and look at your Blog cuz you always have such wonderful answers to Julie's questions.

    You have a wonderfully informative blog here.

  7. Claude,
    Hope you are able to sneak in that graveyard and find out some dates on the grave stones. I bet it's really old. I wonder how they could keep out relatives. If you're caught, you could claim a fourth cousin twice removed is resting there. Just bring a few flowers with you over the fence to support your story.
    Your tire planters are quite cleaver!