Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cactus & iris...

Yep, it's another Escobaria missouiensis... but this one ain't in no graveyard... this is the plant that crowns my hen & chick tower... I used to have sempervivums at the top, but the top of the tower was just too dry for them... Most people don't realize the Semps, while succulent, are native to Europe, and can't take a Texas summer without a huge amount of watering... They do all right in the lower, plastic pots, but the top pot, with it's smaller amount of soil and very pourous terra cotta pushed the things to the edge. So I replaced the poor things with these last year.

and this is an iris that's been growing in the back yard so long, that I've forgotten the variety name... I think it's called "Forty-niner" but I'm not absolutely sure. Anyway, it's a nice yellow bloom, late in the season.

And that's about it for today.

I almost forgot... I started Crusader Rabbit, so here's episode 2 in which our fearless hero sets out to do battle with those evil, wicked, mean and nasty Texans... just as soon as he finds them...

By the way, the voice of Crusader Rabbit was done by Lucille Bliss... who later in her life did the voice of "Smurfette"

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  1. What an awesome cactus bloom, Claude! Great crowning glory for your tower!