Friday, July 25, 2008

mamma mia...

It's been a few days since I posted, so I thought I'd drop by...

A friend of mine called and wanted to go to see Mamma Mia... So I said sure... Now I haven't actually paid full price to see a movie in years... I actually don't remember the last time I did... But I can honestly say I enjoyed myself.

It's a fun movie. Not serious at all, just pure, over-the-top entertainment. The energy level is very high, and the realism level is a little low, but you expect that from Broadway shows.

And, I hate to admit it, but I recognised most of the songs.

I'm not that old, honestly...

I'll actually have a real post tomorrow.


  1. LOLOL...glad you enjoyed it, at least! Yes, sheer fantasy, I'd say, eh??? Great fun though!!!

  2. Just saw the movie--very enjoyable!!!I haven't been to the movies for quite awhile-this was a treat!!