Monday, July 21, 2008

Cereus hildmannianus

Well, a few posts back I was talking about how this plant fell over and got beheaded, I thought I'd give a little update...

as you can see, the two small branches that were coming up from the bottom of the plant have grown from about 3 inches to 8 in a relatively short period of time... thriving off a root system that was established to support a 4 foot plant no doubt. The top of the stump has begun a branch right below the break, and the one branch that was already there has put on about 6 inches of growth also.

The two 'logs' that I laid down on their side in the flower bed show no signs of new arms coming up, nor do they show any signs of throwing roots into the soil like the guys on the web-site said they would, but I'm not giving up. They'll probably do everything suddenly in the space of a day... the actual growing tip, which was damaged in the fall, and I cut off, is about 5 inches, has established roots... so it should start growing anytime now... I placed it in a pot of portaluca... I have three rectangular pots of portaluca sitting on a brick wall out front. They bloom like crazy all summer, and whatever random cuttings happen tend to get stuck in there, so there's always some encheveria, semperverium, sedum and what-not rooting in the light shade of the annuals.

It's kind of time for me to start looking for a bigger pot, so I can get all these cereus cuttings planted together into one pot to save room when I have to bring it in come fall.

Also in the yard is a Golden Cat-tail... Cleistocactus winteri. This is a great plant that produces wonderful bright red blooms, but doesn't seem particularly inclined to this year... don't know why.

But, the lack of blooms is more than made up for in the new growth that's it's decided to put out this summer...


  1. That is a cool looking Golden Cat-tail!!!! I want one!!!

  2. Bright red blooms? I'll have to get one of these. I have never seen this species of Cleistocactus for sale around here. I carry a list of cactus plants I want to find, just in case I run into one when I visit a nursery. Are the flowers big, or are they those little tubular things that just barely open, like other Cleistocactus?

  3. aiyana - the blooms look a lot like a Christmas cactus bloom, not quite as big, but not one of the tube flowers... They like a little extra water during the summer when they're actively growing.

  4. As you can see by my blog, Most of my cactus didn't bloom this year either. Maybe next year we will get lucky!