Friday, July 18, 2008

little gothic bob...

Well, I probably should have made this the 100th post... This is one of the Bob's that I carved years ago, and we always called him little Gothic bob... He sits on the mantle piece every Halloween and the rest of the year you can find him sitting in various places... wherever he feels like.

Today, he evidently felt like sitting in the agave...

The truth is that I had an hour to kill before I went to work. So I was playing with the camera...

A little technical info... Gothic Bob started his life as a garden stake that broke. I carved his head, then he was given wire arms and legs which were wrapped with burlap strips, or you could use muslin, then you wrap and knot with string... and then you have a little primitive, completely pozable Bob.

Obnoxiously cute isn't he?


  1. He is cute--but having him sit on agave thorns is cruel and unsual punishment!

  2. I agree with Aiyana all I can think of is how painful all those thorns must be.

  3. LOL...I was thinking of how he is so mummified, he is impervious to pain! Beyond numb! Does he sit on top of other cactus too??? LOL. He is soooo cute! It is cool how he moves about sort of secretively, and you just find him about! He is a very cool Bob!

  4. Oh come on... he's made of wood... besides, he decides where he's gonna sit, I just take the pics...