Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekly update...

Well, it's been an interesting week.   But I tend to have those.  Stocked at Wal-Mart on Saturday night... people moan about Wal-Mart being the evil empire and all... but my experience with them is pretty straightforward. 

As a temp... I've been treated a hell of a lot worse.  Actually,  they treated me pretty damn good. 

I could have worked the Sunday night to Monday morning shift also, but 30 minutes after it was over I was due on a movie set for twelve hours, and that's really pushing it.

So Monday and Tuesday I'm on the set of, "The Big Short" {starring Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling with a small part played by Brad Pitt.  Good cast at least... }

Monday, this involved standing around the blackjack tables in Harrahs casino, which is supposed to now be Las Vegas, while Selina Gomez (who did a Damn good job despite the fact that she plain, flat out, does not look old enough to even BE in a casino) play blackjack and deliver lines. 

Get back to St V's, late and wore out, And they tell me that my roommate and I are being kicked out.  Not going into too much detail... this is about an ongoing situation concerning my roommates actions that even I had complained about.

I then found roommate, twisted his arm to extract a promise, then I wrote a letter to management to be delivered the next morning via the housekeeper where I offered the solution of roommate and myself correcting situation if we wouldn't get kicked.  I then said I had to be on set, but would really appreciate it if we could actually sit and talk and discuss this or any other solution. 

Then I  went off to set not knowing if my possessions would be piled by the side of the road when I got back after 12 hours.

Called about noon, and roommate is beyond saving... but it turns out that a meeting was held and 2 desk clerks, 2 housekeepers, and a maintenance man had all stuck up for me (making cupcakes and cookies for the staff periodically does pay off) And I'm not only safe, they're offering me a job. 

Which is a rather dizzying roller coaster ride, but there we are. 

Anyway... I will have 3 1/2 shifts as a night auditor... which boils down to paperwork, late-night check-ins, and making sure that squatters don't sneak in and sleep in the lobby.  These will be regular days, and I'll be able to do movies.  Essentially, I'll get my rent free. 

So it works. 

Unfortunately, there's no way I can explain it to my roommate without looking like I threw him under a bus to save my own ass.  

Which I didn't do. 

Although, I might have if I had to. 

Regardless,   Wednesday is off,  waiting to see if I got Badlands on Thursday, and Friday I have costume fittings for Quarry.  

I think I'm gonna jump in the pool.


  1. Fantastic, Claude! Well played!

  2. So glad to hear! congratulations!

  3. Claude,
    “dizzying roller coaster ride” is an understatement, I just get swimmy headed reading all about it, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live it. But then again, being a long time reader, I have learned you are the man making all the lemon aid from life’s lemons. And this knack you have for coming out the other end of all these “run in’s” shining brightly is awe inspiring.

    I am sure there will be tales of late night vagrant encounters to come but for now congratulations on the auditing job and I am hope this will alleviate a little stress and you will be able to apply your craft without continued worry about living accommodations. However, after your post on taking care of the plants around St V’s I thought to myself you might sooner or later receive a job offer of some type. Personal integrity is a trait that shows often in your postings and I see now that it has not gone un-noticed by those you are in contact with at St. V’s and on the movie sets.

    Good Luck in your new position and as always can’t wait to hear(read) all about it. – G

  4. I'm glad that you are being dealt a good hand for a change, Claude. I think you've earned it.