Sunday, May 03, 2015

Strange week...

It's been a rather bizarre week altogether.  Worked 2 days as a bus boy in one of the best hotels in town.  Of course, they cheated me on the paycheck, and refuse to make it good so I won't be working there again.
Then, the TV series ZOO has been filming at St Vincent's for 3 days.  I've already been on that series twice , and just rolling ought of bed and being on set would be far too convenient, so I didn't work in the scene filmed here...
  I've been doing minor chores for people and getting a little extra cash.  Minor things like running to the corner store,  hemming pants (how a woman got to the age of 50+ without knowing how stitch a hem is beyond me)  And patching someone's favorite jeans (Which weren't worth patching but there we are)
And I'm getting a few crocheted bottles and skull patches together to sell in the quarter. 
Basically, getting my hustle on... altogether having a good few days.  Except I did have to point out someone that while they drink and have a grand ole time, one glass of wine is enough to put me too sleep... a rather new development probably due to trying do too much and not sleep enough, but as far as they're concerned I'm just being a snob. 


  1. Claude,
    Well if they stiffed you on your paycheck, I hate to contradict you, but I don’t think they are probably one of the better hotels. When a hotel, or any business for that matter, shorts or overcharges employees and customers alike it soon starts showing in the quality of employee and customer. It’s the proverbial slippery slope and it seems they are already sliding.

    I have not heard/seen the telecast ZOO but will be on the watch for it; however, I could see, after reading your posting, a reality show called “St V’s” on the Bravo channel. And could also see you as the narrator that treads all the characters together. Sort of a compilation of Southern Charm plus Myrtle Manor plus Flipping Out with maybe just a little Here Comes Honey Boo Boo sprinkled in just for a little earthiness, because it has sounded as though you have run into some pretty earthy people since moving to the Big Easy.

    Well here I go being ole Mr Babble Babble again so I will close this comment, take care. – G

  2. Gary... its a 30 minute mistake on time. Just enough to annoy the hell out of me. Regardless, ZOO is a new series based on a Patterson novel. Starts in June, i think.