Monday, May 18, 2015

A new week begins.

So I spent last week training for the new position at St Vs.  Being an employee has advantages... besides the rent situation,  there's also the added advantage of being at the front desk as directly at the epicenter of all gossip! 

After training gets done with, I'll be able get back to movies... only thing scheduled is Quarry... complete with 1970s bell bottom pants, skin tight above the knee and burnt orange.  Worn with a velour shirt, of course...  oh my. 

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  1. Claude,
    Well I would be telling a lie if I said I did not have fond memories of bells and velour. After all it was the 70’s and everyone was wearing them. Now put Neil Sadaka’s “Bad Blood” on and we have the makings of a great party. I am so jealous, all I can say is that while you are in character, live it, love it, and most of all enjoy it. Hoping you have a great time with this part in Quarry. – G