Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Holding pattern...

Here's the thing... I've decided to make my move( to New Orleans.  But I'm still making cotton candy at the factory as a couple of extra paychecks will certainly come in handy...  (by the way... I got my 90 day raise after I'd been there for six months,  50 cents an hour.  I feel like pinching someone's head.)  The thing is... after you've decided that you're quitting a job eventually anyway, you suddenly become very intolerant of idiocy from the employers.  I haven't flipped my lid yet... but I'm verging close...

Yesterday, I came very very close.  I showed up too find out that two coworkers had left for Mexico over the weekend, and another had gotten arrested and was sitting I'm jail.  The one who was arrested, a young lady, was sitting in a cell on traffic warrants, and her boyfriend and father of her child, wasn't bailing her out. 

Now I was raised old school... a man doesn't let the mother of his child sit in jail.  Any man that does is quite frankly,  not a man.  But I  managed to bite my tongue and get through the day and even ramped up production to try to catch up on orders... of course going that quick you sacrifice accuracy on the scales... so boss decided that he was gonna have a fuss with me about the bags averaging 2/10 of an ounce heavy, and myself and two other of the employees decided we could just shove a bag over his head and take bets on how long it took him to pass out...  but, we didn't. 

So,  I'm in holding mode.  Boss don't know I'm leaving yet... And he may not know till I pick up that last paycheck... face it, you go around being a jackass and some of us don't feel obliged to treat you like anything but a jackass...


  1. Oh dear! Hang in there!!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM


    What a trying day this sounds to have been, I applaud your ability at keep a cool head and thoughts to yourself. Of course you have the upper hand, just no one knows, “yet”. Could you take face pictures and post them here when your plans become known, it should make for some great candid (or candy, which ever you prefer) shots. – gary

    1. Alas... no pics in the factory... the spinning machines are specially made, and the patent hasnt come through yet, so evidently industrial espionage is a large concern. (Personally, the thought of James Bond skulking about in hopes of stealing the secret cotton candy machine is amusing as hell, right up there with the secret potato salad recipe in that movie 'Tiger Lily' but there we are....)